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DSI Auto Sales is your one stop vehicle source.  We are a cor concierge!

What is a car concierge?

DSI Autosales, works with a basic, yet innovative concept.  Simply stated, our job is to find the specific car a customer wants at the best possible value. We strive to minimize customer compromise by providing truly individualized service to each customer.  Unlike auto brokers, we accept no commissions from dealerships. Rather, we work entirely for the customer, saving you time, money, and the hassle of direct negotiations.

At DSI Autosales, we are able to “even the playing field” for our customers by our knowledge and experience with the  ins and outs of auto costs and pricing. We provide personal attention to each customer, assessing preferences and "must have's", budget parameters, and specialized needs.  We are able to find specific vehicles through our national network of auto dealers and auction houses.  We can also assist customers in obtaining financing, warranties, etc.

DSI Autosales has proven that it can help its customers maximize their dollar potential in a number of ways.  Some of the ways DSI can help maximize the customer’s value include:

1)     Getting the customer the most vehicle for the money by: 

                a.)  getting a more desirable vehicle within the customer's budget


                b.)  spending less money for the vehicle that the customer wants

In some cases, it can mean both!

2)     Giving a fair market value trade-in on an existing car or consigning a customer's vehicle at retail value for a flat fee.

3)     DSI Autosales can also broker your new car acquisition.  Through our many connections to new car dealers we are able to negotiate for our customers to get them the most competitive price possible on a new car.  Many dealerships enjoy working with us because, as professional car buyers, we understand the business, negotiate fairly, and are likely to return to dealerships that show flexibility.

What does this mean for you, the customer?

1)     You can buy and sell cars in a financially strategic way, when you see that you can maximize your savings and profit on each end of the transaction.  When you wait until you "have to" get a car, you have typically devoured most of the value in your car.  DSI Autosales can help educate you on how to get the most bang for your buck, both in buying and selling. 

2)     This means that that you do not have to settle for less.  In most cases, it means you don't have to compromise on what you want or need in a car.  In most every situation, we are able to get our customers  more vehicle for their money than they could have ever imagined possible.

3)     Now, you can let us do all the work, while you get on with your life!  You will not pay full retail price for a car.  You will not have the cold sweats of negotiations.  You will not be "held hostage"  for hours on end at car dealerships.  Our creative business model truly makes buying a car easy and enjoyable.  Doesn't everyone enjoy saving money?

Where does DSI Auto Sales get its cars?

        DSI Auto Sales locates cars from a number of different sources.  We purchase vehicles from auctions, other dealers, customer trades, etc.  We do extensive background and inspections on everything we sell and allow you to see the condition reports for yourself.    We specialize in locating the specific car that you want to purchase, rather than trying to sell you on a car that we have in inventory.  By utilizing a nationwide network through the internet, we have virtually thousands of cars to choose from, rather than just a few cars on a dealer's lot.  With such a large selection that changes almost daily, DSI Auto Sales can provide truly unique and individualized service to each customer.